Sunday, February 21

jack daniels distillery and concerto at the basement. keep on rocking tennessee.

Tuesday, February 16

sorry, out of order.

hello hello. i've got some black and white prints from eugene and forest grove. my mom keeps sending me wonderful things, so i'll be able to share them with you. this was a big roll, i think 36 exp. probably. its always fun to look at pictures. nostalgia kills.

its weird how there are some conversations that i can remember clearly, while others tend fade without conscious. i've just gotta say, thanks. so in the future, sometime, we'll say hello. you can always navigate the unknown.

the top print was used for a mezzotint. it was alright.

i got to show around hatch to one of my dad's coworkers today. it was a lot of fun. they've got some amazing equipment there. man, the equipment there.

Sunday, February 14

etching/drypoint/aquatint on paper
8" x 10"

blue nude
oil on canvas
48" x 23"

sunday sunday sunday. so theres one last day until the start of this hatchy showy internyshipy. you guys get double does of artwork today. the painting was one of the first large paintings i did while in school. it traded that plus another to my mom for a bed. a very good trade imo. the print is a etching/drypoint/aquatint reproduction of a max ernst painting. it's interesting, but the more i look at the painting, the more and more it feels like it was formulated. yeah, it looks different, but i was really into cubism when i started and cubism can be easily manipulated into a certain formula. its dull and not authentic. i remember when i was talking to my teaching towards the end of the term, when i did the painting, and he told me that that painting would not look as good in the years to come. he was right. maybe it needs a varnish on it to give it some mmph.

today was an espresso morning. so good.

Friday, February 12

i watch a miyazaki film the other night, "porco rosso". its a was funny film that lives up to a miyazaki film. miyazaki did films like "spirited away", "howl's moving castle", "princess mononoke", ect. "porco rosso" was probably the most fun film i've seen out of his movies. i'd been trying to watch it for awhile, so once i finally broke down and got netflix account, it was the first on the queue.

i found some lamps today, hooray! no more overhead lighting. i've actually been using the lighting in my closet so that i don't have direct overhead rays beaming down on me. luckily for me the garage sale was right down the street, so i just had to stroll along. it was this old womens house and her sons were managing the sale, because someone had bought the house and they needed to be out of it by the end of the month. their mother, they say, actually died a year and half ago, they just never wanted to do anything with it i guess. its understandable, its tough to organize and let go of personal possessions, especially loved ones that are no longer around. i mean, shit, i glad i only had to go into my bamma's house once.

but anyway, as most conversations go during unseasonably harsh winters, one of the sons started to talk about the weather. myself, being stupid and all, said it was most likely due to climate shifts happening. and he just went on about how could someone believe that and not in the almighty above. i thought, fuck, i just want to buy shit, not talk to about god and global warming. i don't understand why everyone thinks anyone else wants to hear about their politics, especially from people i don't know. geez. the conversation then moved to how he, one of the sons, hopes that he isn't around for the end of the earth. i told, i would be excited if i was around for the end of the world. it'd be fun. people need a sense of adventure these days.

33 bucks and a headache later, i'm now the proud owner of three new lamps, two umbrellas, an ashtray and a leather ottoman (correct spelling, yeah?) they were really nice guys though.

oh see there on the netflix scan. yeah, that's my address. send me fun things and i'll send fun things back.

Thursday, February 11

i'm scanning in some photos from portland and nashville. i really enjoy the product that comes out of shooting photographs, but i'm not thrilled about showing them. i hope people enjoy looking that them. its not that i'd ever show these outside of this. i like to take the photographs and reform them through a different medium, i.e. screen printing. i want to take my photographs and make them interesting, not just for me, but for everyone else. and it doesn't even have to be about what is in the image, but how the image is presented.

these prints are still bendy, i tried flattening them overnight and they could still use some flattening time, but i really want to scan these tonight. a lot of my prints are bracketed, so i end up with almost duplicate prints.

oh btw, garage sale shopping tomorrow. i went out for coffee and lunch today and passed one of my neighbors houses and they had a estate sale sign up, but i was knda skeezy looking so i didn't stop by. i checked the papers and sure enough there's an estate sale going on there, so i'll stop by tomorrow. hopefully they have some lamps i can pick up.

sturgeoning right now. oh 24 frames actually means 24+1. and for anyone that was in litho winter term 2009, your prints are now beautifully decorating my room. thanks.

ugh, as i'm cropping these prints down to size, the bend that they had is really fucking them up. they're getting a black space between the print and the scanner on the left side. its pissing me off, but i'm gonna throw up some decent prints and come back to scanning them in again later. f- this shit. yeah rescans are going to be needed. yuck. tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 10

This set of pictures are from a roll i shoot in texas and new mexico during a summer road trip. thanks mom, for sending the prints. it's so much fun to look at them, probably for the nostalgia aspect. it was really a good time. a beautiful time. i'll be uploading the rest of the rolls in the soontime. en-joy.

i am now finally fb friends with all the interns, wooooo hoooo. haha. its seems like it'll be a good sweet group of people to print with.

it was nice and sunny today, gotta get that vitamin d, yeah? looking out my window towards the west, the sky is beautifully gradating from orange to blue. theres a free bluegrassy thingy happening around the corner this evening, so i'll be sure to check it out and let all you fabulous readers how that goes.

Tuesday, February 9

this was a little project that i did at the end of my spring term. it was recycled text from a previous project. this time, though, they were arranged into a conventional map, rather than isolated in the other piece. theres the one problem i have with this text. it doesn't speak for itself. people want to know what the letters mean. i don't know (but sounding like woody allen).

Monday, February 8

spent part of the day scanning in some images from a roll of film. its around the springtime in eugene. i can't wait for it to get warm again. i don't know why it is, but i seem to be fooling myself in thinking its always warmer outside than it really is. and that makes it an even colder day. tomorrow i'll try and wake thinking its colder than what it will be.

Thursday, February 4

my printer and scanner arrive today, thanks mom, so here is a nice self portrait via the scanner.

its amazing how wonderful the rain feels. there has been some weird weather in nashville, mostly the snow. the rain reminds of the nw sooooooo much. i enjoy the rain. it feels good, its refreshing, and its a humbling experience in itself. now i wish it could just be sunny tomorrow, so i can furnish my room, haha.

Tuesday, February 2

stopped organism one
oil on canvas
25" x 30"

i traded this painting and another to my mom for a bed. most beautiful bed ever. my favorite piece of furniture i've owned so far. i mean its a bed, how's it not going to be great. and it always pays to have great patrons.

ahhh the convenience it would be to be back somewhere warm. i would really like some records and a player to go along with that. my laptop computer speaks just don't quite cut it. its quite interesting on how it is people listen to their music and what it does for each individual. i think the most appealing thing about music is how it sounds. its not overbearing either, because unlike television, sound mostly occupies one sense (though it's fun to visualize). it's when listening to something appealing, that makes the mind at ease. the silence is just just as nice.

Monday, February 1

alton baker park
serigraph on paper
8" x 10"

alton baker park
serigraph on paper
8" x 10"

i made it around to the art store around here, or at least the one that google says is around here. i also made it to see "visual acoustics". man, the movie just looks good.

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