Tuesday, July 13

back in portland

i'm doing legal work for my dad law office right now. its quite monotonous, but its something to do, and get paid for. i do get to do some design work for him though, which is nice, because i'm still using my brain every once and awhile.

i'm beginning to paint for of the walls in his office mural style. it'll be nice to hopefully move my career from the legal world right now, towards the artistic. haha, what a change, yeah? i've moved into a new place in ne portland. beautiful location and a nice apt. painted the bathroom a cad yellow w/ blue bedroom walls coming soon.

i'm working on getting letterpress equipment right now. i've got a free press waiting for me in wyomning, i've just have to go out and pick it up. but there in lies the problem. i'm heading up to seattle this weekend w/ one of my teachers from school. we're going to do some inventory, apprise and see if the presses are still running. the shop is a mess, but i called the guy yesterday and he said he was down there the other day cleaning it up. even though its a mess, its beautiful. type, leading, spacing, composing tables, presses, cutters, galley trays, ect. lets hope everything is still working, yeah.

i'm still over my head in this town.

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