Wednesday, March 31

i'm meeting with a client in 45 min to show them a proof of their poster. a hotel regional meeting poster. its gorgeous outside, though.
holla at the world

Saturday, March 27

this is a picture dump from the great american road trip con josh and cori. i get to drive from portland to nyc with my mom in april. i never thought i'd be heading back across the country, much less, looking so forward to it. i'm heading to new york to catch a cruise with my extended family consisting of my aunt, uncle and cousin. i'm pretty fucking excited.

i had a very nice week at work. though i only was able to complete two jobs, i felt i got a lot done in terms of printing and executing my role within the company. plus it was gorgeous most of the week. i saw some pretty neat shows. i think i've fallen in love with a music mecca here consisting of grimmy's and the basement.

three weeks left. i think starting a printmaking company is the sensible future. but who knows what's on the horizon. i can't wait to tan, haha.

looking at these as i scan them, i think i used a lot of the imagery for pieces for my art history class of landscape architecture. that class was a great class for being art history. i was able to incorporate some of my printmaking techniques into each project.

Saturday, March 20

the week that was! i had a pretty rad week last week, so i'll start with monday. i'm still having supervisor issues at my internship, but i'm only there for another three weeks, so who cares. i'll get over it. but monday start out with a free show at the basement featuring bands headed from nyc to sxsw. i'd say it was probably the highest quality show that i've seen while in nashville. the group, preal and the beard, played an amazing set. i also traded a poster of mine for a cd from the group, emily long. not that enjoyed their music as much, but that exchanging art for art is always fun. plus she was very pretty.

tuesday! movie screening of the documentary, the white strips under the great northern lights, inside of jack whites studio. enough said, yeah? it rocked.

the rest of the week went off pretty much like a weekend due to saint paddies day on wednesday. i was sturgeon on thursday morning. i finished two posters this week and a set of postcards. i was put on hold for a couple other posters, because the shop is getting backed-up with printing. if you give me an address, you shall recive a postcard. sooooooo send me those addresssssssssss.

also apparently i can't remember my own email address, speaking of addresses. both digital and analogue.

booked my ticket back to portland on april 17th. i really didn't think i'd miss the willamette valley, but i do and i'm excited to come back, even for a day or two. home never grows old.

Friday, March 12

zzzzzzzzzzzz... this week was frustrating. mostly @ work. i've got an optometrist appointment in the tomorrow morning, so hopefully i'll be in contacts in the afternoon. that or napping. ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (these are sleep thoughts)

Thursday, March 11

running around shelby park. gotta love that natural high... followed by the artificial, haha. tuesday was a good day for music. broken bells released an album. james mercer and danger mouse collaboration. very nicely polished album. gorillaz also released something new, something that i'm very much enjoying. another job is going to be finished tomorrow, this time for a wedding in june.

Wednesday, March 10

posters posters posters. i'm making some pretty dope posters. this week, i've finished two design posters. one's for christian kane and the other is for gary allen. the imagery that the shop has is one of a kind. it's possible to pull an image off the cabinets and create the poster for that. its kind of amazing.

the weather had finally warmed up, which makes waking up that much easier. i'm excited to see what happens.

Tuesday, March 2

more to come tomorrow. i feel bad, i feel like i've been neglecting this part my world. i hope to get some good stuff up over the weekend. i'm going to try and get some documentation of some of the posters that i've printed. let's just say, it's been a grand time here in nashville.

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